What company is Garam under? (2023)

What company is Garam under?

Kim Garam (aged 16) was a Source Music trainee and the second member of Source Music and HYBE's new girl group to be revealed on April 5 2022. Less than 12 hours later, it would all come crumbling down irreparably for Kim Garam, HYBE and Source Music.

Why did Garam get kicked out?

Garam's alleged offenses include obscenity and bullying of multiple victims. The document notes that the perpetrators completed four special education courses and psychotherapy. Garam reportedly received a degree-five punishment for her involvement.

Why was Kim Garam removed from LE SSERAFIM?

Before LE SSERAFIM's debut in early April, Source Music released their first statement denying Kim Garam's bullying allegations and she began her temporary hiatus in May. In July, it was officially announced that Kim Garam's contract with HYBE was terminated and that she was leaving LE SSERAFIM.

What happened to Kim Garam?

On July 20, HYBE and Source Music officially announced that the label had decided to terminate their exclusive contract with the LE SSERAFIM member after she was accused of being a bully at school. The former K-pop idol returned to school following the termination, and it didn't exactly go well.

Why did Kim Garam go on hiatus?

At the same time, they have presented multiple statements claiming that Kim Garam was a victim of cyberbullying and school violence. Towards the end of the statement, it has been revealed that Kim Garam will suspend activities for a while and she will focus on healing her injured mind.

Will Kim Garam leave the group?

On July 20, Garam's contract was terminated, and she was permanently removed from the group.

How old is Kim Garam?

Is Kim Garam out of LE SSERAFIM?

On July 20, Garam was officially dismissed from LE SSERAFIM and ended her contract with HYBE.

When did Kim Garam go on hiatus?

Kim had been placed on hiatus from the group in mid-May, following weeks of controversy in which she was accused of bullying and bad behaviour at school. Le Sserafim released their first album, Fearless, on May 2.

How long was Kim Garam a trainee?

I didn't make it in at first, but I got a casting offer two years after that. (laughs) I passed after auditioning again and became a trainee for the first time. Garam went on to train for a year before officially joining the debut lineup of LE SSERAFIM.

Why is Garam not performing?

They said, “Then, during the process of her debut, she was attacked with all kinds of rumors, which caused her psychological difficulties. Therefore, we discussed with Kim Garam and decided to stop her activities for a while and focus on healing her wounded heart.

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